Our Research

We have engaged with Dr Martin Drum from Notre Dame University in Fremantle to prepare annual overview document that will provide data to support our strategic direction in social outreach services. The data will be used to assist us in judgements in areas of the following:

  • The overall need for new social outreach agencies/activities
  • The capacity to reduce or redirect existing social outreach agencies/activities
  • Identifying duplication of social outreach activities
  • The opportunity to partner with the ‘Independent’ Archdiocesan agencies that are delivering similar outreach activities.

The overview of the key issues will focus on 5 main areas:

  1. Measures of poverty
  2. National Minimum Wage Vs Poverty line
  3. National Median equalised disposable income (NMEDHI)
  4. Measures of Homelessness
  5. Measures of Migrants

For the full report, click here

Dr Martin Drum

Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations
BA (Hons) ANU; PhD UWA

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