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As Catholics, the Sacraments can sometimes take precedence in our thinking, over and above the call to be ‘a good and faithful servant’ by ‘loving one another as I have loved you’.

Yet it’s just as important that we help to win others for Christ through our acts of Christian charity and service – for their sake even more than ours.

The whole Body of Christ, not just the head, must be empowered to fulfill the mission of the Gospel if we are to realize the genuine growth within the church.

The Catholic Volunteer Hub creates an opportunity for adults who are seeking to volunteer in a parish setting or an agency to participate in performing the Good Works of the Church and realize the objectives outlined in the Archdiocese Plan 2016 – 2021.

Volunteering for work in the Catholic Social Welfare sphere can provide volunteers with a valuable insight into the many problems people face within our community.

Volunteers will be able to participate in providing valuable service delivery to the disadvantaged within our community and to understand the central role Catholic agencies provide in these services.

The Volunteer Hub is open to anyone who would like to volunteer in a Catholic agency or parish, whether they are  baptised or not, once acceptance is obtained from the agency or parish.

This ‘openness to persons of good will’ is part of what Pope Francis would call the ‘Social Friendship’ aspect of the Hub. After all was it not ‘Social Friendship’ that allowed the Good Samaritan in Luke’s Gospel to interrupt his journey, change his plans and unexpectedly come to the aid of an injured person who needed help.

Benefits of Volunteering

This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you” – John 15:12

This quote from Jesus in the Gospel of John is talking about neighbourly love.

In everyday life, this is when a person reaches beyond their family, circle of friends or someone they know,

to help someone they have never met before, because that person is in need of assistance.

Such a spontaneous or intentional act of kindness can be a reward in itself for

both the person giving and the person receiving but what makes volunteering such a powerful form of neighbourly love

is that it is planned – the person deliberately makes themselves available to further the good of another.

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