Inter-agency mission network looks to enliven Catholic Identity

Members of the Perth Catholic Interagency Mission Network (PCIMN) met at St John of God Midland on Wednesday 15 May to hear a presentation on the importance of maintaining Catholic identity as a key element of Mission leadership.

The presentation by Tara Peters, Director of Mission Integration at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, focussed on the importance of finding ways to articulate and enliven Catholic identity within the diverse and complex environment of Catholic health care.

Having established the centrality of Jesus in any exploration of Catholic identity, participants at the event were invited to consider their own context and reflect on how identity is expressed in ways that are tangible, accessible and meaningful to those who are served by and those who work in the various Catholic organisations.

PCIMN exists to provide a collaborative space of dialogue, encounter, collaboration and networking for members of Catholic agencies across the Archdiocese of Perth who are leading and animating an expression of mission and Catholic identity in their respective agencies.

Through collaboration and exchange, this network exists as an extension of the Archdiocese of Perth’s strategic plan to ensure that the Catholicity in all member agencies is nurtured and fostered.

This article first appeared in The Record and is republished with permission.

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