Grief Support Group – Outreach Program

February 18, 2020 @ 4:30 pm – March 31, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
Catholic Pastoral Centre
40a Mary St
Highgate WA 6003
Betty Thompson
0438 858 212



The Action Program for moving beyond death, relationship loss and other losses.

Following a number of enquiries and the positive feedback for last year’s program, Catholic Outreach will be running the Grief Recovery Method Program again this year.

Participants comment on the 2020 Program

I found the Grief Recovery Method Program absolutely worthwhile and I would recommend it to other people. The presenter was excellent, and every session was very clear and concise.                                                                                                                                                                                             Caroline

To begin with I found some of the concepts a struggle but as I continued it became clear how rewarding and worthwhile the Grief Recovery Method Program is. I learnt how important it is to forgive oneself and this was achieved easily through the helpful examples in the handbook. I would definitely recommend this program to others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Faye 

I learnt that grieving isn’t limited to losses through death alone but in many other losses in life. The Grief Recovery Method Program has taught me more about my own experience of grief and loss.                                                                                                                                                                             Stephanie 

It was very worthwhile, very informative and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this program. I have learnt to deal with my feelings, how to respond to people who have just gone through loss, either through death, divorce and other losses. I have already recommended the Grief Recovery Method Program to a couple of my friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Juliana

About the Program:

When it comes to grief whether it be from death of a loved one or some other form of loss – relationship, career, trust, faith, safety, health – people say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program not only makes that possible, but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens.

Catholic Outreach’s Betty Thompson, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and John Paul Care Bereavement Support Coordinator, will be facilitating a seven-week program on the Grief Recovery Method starting 18 February.

The Grief Recovery Method is a program that addresses many of the feelings that are experienced as a consequence of the death of a loved one or other significant emotional loss. The Grief Recovery Outreach Program is operated under the format and guidelines established by The Grief Recovery Institute, a Canadian organisation, which has been in operation for over 39 years and in over nine countries.

The founders of The Grief Recovery Institute, John W. James and Russell Friedman have written a book based on their lived experience of grief and loss which is the manual used in The Grief Recovery Outreach Program.

Because grief is such a misunderstood and little talked about topic, it may be easier to start by saying what the Grief Recovery Method isn’t:

  • It’s not counselling
  • It’s not therapy
  • It’s not an alternative treatment

Instead, the Grief Recovery Method is an action plan whereby participants learn that grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss.

Concepts developed within the program are easy to understand and apply. One of these relates to the myths about grief such as ‘time heals all wounds’. This and other myths are not helpful to grieving people but sometimes friends and family are at a loss as what to say so rely on clichés to give support and comfort to their loved ones. The Grief Recovery Outreach Program reminds us that time just passes and it’s our action that heals.

Participants working in pairs, in an intimate, confidential environment, gain a genuine understanding of the grief and loss process and will be equipped with tools that will help them make good choices for achieving healing and growth from past, present and future losses.

The cost of the program is $50 which includes The Grief Recovery Handbook and is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Participants will be provided with the opportunity to work in small groups in weekly meetings over a seven-week period.

When?                                                                                                                                               Tuesdays from 18 February – 31 March 2020, 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Where?                                                                                                                                               Catholic Pastoral Centre, 40a Mary St, Highgate WA 6003 (Parking entrance off Harold St)

For further information contact:                                                                                                              Betty Thompson, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist                                                                            0438 858 212 or

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